The first rule of the bear market is to survive.  The second rule of the bear market is TO SURVIVE.  This means  avoid high risk plays.   Illiquid NFTs, shitcoins, degenerate yield farms and high leverage trading.

Bear market investing looks like this:   35% $BTC 40% $ETH 10% Altcoins  15% Stablecoin yield farms

Keep it simple for minimal effort long term investing. Better to increase cashflow than squeeze a few extra % ROI.

Note: I can afford to lose everything I invest.

More BTC/ETH = Medium risk More Altcoins = High risk Yield farms = Medium risk and good for preserving capital

#Bitcoin and #Ethereum The core of my portfolio. The coins I expect to in the next 5+ years make a new ATHs. You'll outperform most people with just these.

Don't buy all at once...  Timing is a risk, diversify it.  At this point I think everyone has heard about Dollar Cost Averaging.  Buy a small amount weekly/monthly.

Do Bet on strong layer tokens like, Binance and FTX.   $SOL $BNB $FTT $AVAX $MATIC Do Not married to any of these and they can change. DYOR.

Not everyone will be a millionaire. Not everyone will even make money.   But crypto is still one of the best opportunities in the world. GOOD LUCK GUYZ